Singles Limericks


Where did the Summer go?

None of us seems to know.

Now it is Fall;

Let's have a ball,

And hope it doesn't snow!


Winter's here,

But have no fear:

Find a warm friend to hold,

And laugh at the cold,

For Spring is drawing near.


Spring is in the air,

Warm winds toss your hair.

Feel its heat,

Get out and meet

New friends everywhere.


Paul E. Schoen

September 1996 - March 1997

(From BSN newsletters)




Oh, the bittersweet pain/pleasure

of electronically enhanced romance,

aided and abetted

by the pervasive,

and sometimes perverse,

persuasion of the Pentium-processor-fueled

fantasy world

of the Internet.


Paul E. Schoen

October 3, 1998


In My Mind

What is my most intense desire

At this point in my life?

What is it that excites me most

And drives me as a goal?


Perhaps it is a fervent love,

A raging torrid lust,

But can I really match what I've

Experienced in my mind?


In my mind, the best of all

The past can be combined

Into an ideal never reached

Except within my mind.


My senses have each known the best

And in my mind, they are all stored

I close my eyes, replay the tapes

And make believe it's real.


Why should I play again the games

That always seem to fail

When in my mind I can recall

The sweetness I once knew


Is it really worth the pain

To give the flesh another chance

To sense what it has better known,

Recorded in my mind?


Perhaps there's something yet unfelt,

Experience unknown to me,

Something new and wonderful

That may transcend my present state


So now I try to forge ahead

And test untrodden ground

For raw material to fill

The caverns in my mind


Paul E. Schoen

September 9, 2000


Volleyball Tournament


A new day

Barely aware

Of the sun's promise

Not yet risen, but sensed

Over distant horizon


Too short sleep


By anticipation, and finally

Loud alarm


Not quite rested muscles


And coaxed

Free body from bed

And mind from fading dreams


Smell of coffee

Zombie walk to breakfast

Caffeine jump start

Fresh tank of fuel


Athletic gear stowed

One last check for essentials

Dawn is breaking

We're on the road


Converging at the park

Fresh grass moist with dew

Clinking sounds - setting up the nets

Once white leather balls

Struck by eager hands


Friendly players

Surging 'round the tables

Teams formed, partners found

Prepare for play to start


Friends or strangers,

Newly paired,

Talk of past events

Learning from each other

Weakness and strengths


Strongly pounded serves

Or sneaky floaters

Shanked, or deftly handled

The games begin


Sweet set, powerful spike

Ball pops smartly

From locked arms

To waiting setter


Well placed shot

Miraculously saved

Partner, amazed

Applauds the effort

With a perfect set


Back and forth it goes

Crafty offense

Foiled by stunning defense

Skill or error

Finally prevail


Sun now climbing high

Action heating up

Points scored

Games and matches

Won and lost


Luck and skill combine

Some do well

Others struggle

For precious points


Hours in the sun

Thirst, fatigue, joy and fun

Excitement for the winners

Who go on to seek the trophy


My small victory

To have played

With people half my age

Each point won

Was sweet


Paul E. Schoen

September 11, 2000

Gazing Deeply


I gaze deeply

Into the dark night sky

Tiny points of ancient light,

The stars seem infinite


Gazing more deeply

Than can my eyes

Telescopes find objects

From our universe's birth


I see one ancient object

As I gaze in one direction

But then I look behind me

And another is as far


Each ten or more billion

Light years from Earth

Seem twice that distance

From each other, then.


How can I gaze so deeply

In opposite directions

And see apparently distant things

That should be close together?


Perhaps a cosmic paradox

Curved space-time and gravity

Bends light long ago sent forth

And focused on us now


So as I gaze most deeply

In one way or another

Our normal three dimensions

Become as one with time


I have gazed deeply in this life

Followed paths this way and that

Perhaps all lead to central truth:

Eternal time, and God.


Paul E. Schoen

September 16, 2000