August 3, 2007

Lucky was a "street dog" in the inner city of Baltimore, and she was sometimes fed and got some love from my friend Helene, who visits and works there. She was probably less than 2 years old, and already had two litters of pups. Someone called Animal Control in mid-June, and she was taken to the BARC shelter, where she was scheduled to be euthanized. We were able to get her released to us, and she proved to be a sweet, lovable dog from that moment on. However, she tried to escape from the temporary home where we took her, and then we found another place, but they would not allow her in the house, and she loves to be with people. We got her spayed on July 23, and I took her into my home with my dog Muttley (also pictures above). Things were fine for a week, but Lucky is a very active dog who loves attention, and she seemed to be trying to assert dominance over Muttley in order to have more time with me. There were never any fights, but I think Lucky would be happier in a home without another dog, or with one of a different temperament. She is very smart, 100% house trained, and is learning basic obedience very well. She is a young, healthy, active dog, and deserves a home with loving people. Please contact me at pstech_at_smart_dot_net. Thanks!