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Updated June 27, 2009


Personal Information:

SOCIAL STATUS: Single, never married, no children

ETHNIC: White, German heritage

BIRTHDATE: April 27, 1949

OCCUPATION: Self-employed Electronics Design Engineer: founder and president of P S Technology, Inc.

EDUCATION: Attended Johns Hopkins University in EE program 1966-1970

HEIGHT: 5'11" (1.80m)

WEIGHT: 215 lbs. (97 kg)




I am an open-minded, low-key individualist, and I take pleasure in simple things such as being outdoors with nature. I do not smoke or take drugs, but I do enjoy beer, wine, and other drinks in moderation. Life is interesting enough as it is without clouding the mind and poisoning the body. I appreciate the spirituality that seems to pervade all of Life, and I consider myself an open-minded Christian.

I am active, creative, intelligent, thoughtful, kind, open-minded, curious, easy-going, down-to-earth, honest, unselfish, good sense of humor. I'm non-traditional, and prefer casual clothing that goes with my full beard. Suits and ties should be for weddings and funerals only.


Volleyball, hiking, guitar playing, travel, reading, creative writing, tennis, landscaping, dancing, and organizing activities with the Sierra Club

I am trying to renovate an old house on 2.5 wooded acres with a stream near the Loch Raven watershed.

I now have a dog, Muttley, who came into my life in February, 2006, having been rescued off the streets of Baltimore by a friend. More pictures at: MuttleyPix, new pictures at MuttleyKOA, and his story at MuttleyStory.

I also rescued another dog, Lucky, in June 2007, and she lived with me and Muttley until I found another home for her in September 2007. Her web page is Lucky, and more pictures can be seen by clicking: Lucky/. Her adoption flyer is: LuckyAdoption, or in pdf format at LuckyAdoption..

My dear cat Photon, also pictured above, was killed on October 23, 2006. She was also a rescue, and I got her as a kitten in January 2000.


I would like to find a woman to be a close friend and eventual lover and life partner. I am open to all ages, but prefer someone who looks and acts youthful. A non-smoker or someone committed to quitting is a must.

I would like to meet a woman who is healthy, active, intelligent, physically attractive, independent, honest, and kind. I am attracted to tall, strong women who are into sports and non-traditional areas of employment, such as engineering or construction. I enjoy pets (I had a cat named Photon, and now have dogs), and children, and I also like to help people with problems. My ideal partner would value intimacy and sharing.


I also previously ran the Baltimore Singles Network, until it became inactive in 2004. Its web page contains lots of information for singles, and also gives insight into other personal interests by way of the links page.

The P S Technology web page will give you more information about what I do for a living, and it even has some articles that may be of interest to technically minded individuals.

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